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By Sanjiv Jaiswal | Comment

What is an MC Circle Generator?

MC Circle Generator, short for Minecraft Circle Generator, is a tool that lets you generate pixel circles of specified width or height. Additionally, it also allows you to make ovals (ellipses) with unequal width and height. The tool is also referred to as the "Minecraft Pixel Circle Generator."

Because this tool is mostly used in the popular sandbox game, Minecraft, for generating blueprints of pixelated circles, the pixel circle generator is most commonly associated with Minecraft. Therefore, in this guide to using this tool, I will consider Minecraft for almost all the examples.

In fact, I studied over 500 comments on the internet related to making circles in the sandbox game to know the pain points of gamers and their actual requirements. And I'm happy to share with you that I have deployed almost all the features demanded by users in this new version. In short, this tool is designed and programmed by keeping Minecraft players' highly sought-after needs in mind.

How does the Minecraft Circle Generator work?

The MC Circle Generator takes some key inputs, such as width, height, and thickness, from the users and instantly generates charts of perfect pixelated circles based on these values. For example, if you want to build a structure in-game that requires a circle of width 50, simply input 50 in the width field of the tool and it will automatically generate the blueprint that you need to follow to build it in-game.

Key Features of MC Circle Generator

How to make a Circle in Minecraft?

To make a circle in Minecraft, you can go through two approaches:

1) By manually calculating the positions of blocks and placing them carefully

Since making a circle in Minecraft requires accurate positioning of blocks to depict a circle, you will have to evaluate the positions (coordinates) on the plot to place the blocks using a mathematical formula, which I have discussed in detail in the section below.

The manual approach is quite exhaustive and mostly impractical for notably big circles. It may disturb the entire circle formation due to the misplacement of even a single block. Therefore, this approach needs great focus, a strong command over solving mathematical equations in mind, and a lengthy period.

This is why most Minecraft gamers prefer using an online Minecraft Circle Generator to generate the blueprints of circles of their desired size.

2) By placing blocks with the help of a circle chart

Players can use the MC Circle Generator tool to generate an accurate circle/ellipse chart of their desired dimensions and structure. Once they have the blueprint in hand, they can then start building the circle shape by looking at the circle chart.

Indeed, this pixel circle generator also shows the coordinates of each block, helping you more in placing the blocks in-game more accurately. In the following section, I have guided you on how to use this MC Circle Generator to generate a perfect circle chart.

How to Make a Circle in Minecraft Circle Generator?

The circle generator can generate circle charts of different types, including the following:

  1. Odd circle charts
  2. Even circle charts
  3. Thick, thin, or fill circle charts
  4. Odd ellipse chart
  5. Even ellipse chart
  6. Concentric circle and ellipse charts of the earlier types
  7. Sliced circle parts
  8. Big circles, up to 500 width/height (for a seamless experience)

Simply follow the steps below to learn about how to use our MC Circle Generator to generate those charts manually:

  1. Check the 'Force Circle' option: This option is by default checked, generating perfect circles. However, if you want to get an ellipse of different width and height, you may uncheck it.
  2. Input width and height: For a perfect circle, simply specify the width of the circle and the height will automatically be equalized. As soon as you change the value in any of these two input boxes, the circle chart will be instantly generated.
  3. Set width: Need a circle or ellipse with a certain thickness, such as a circle of thickness two or three blocks? No worries; this tool will help you get that too. Simply input the thickness of the circle or ellipse you want, and you will see the magic.
  4. Slice the chart: The slicing feature is arguably one of the most anticipated features of this MC Circle Generator. This feature is exclusively available on this tool. It allows you to view only a certain part of the generated chart. For example, if you want to see only the eighth part of the circle or ellipse, input '8' in the 'custom' field of the slice, and it will slice the chart to show only its one-eighth part, making it easier for you to focus while building the in-game structure.
  5. Put a smaller circle inside the bigger one: You can insert a smaller circle into the bigger circle by using the 'Circle Inside Circle (CIC)' feature, which is exclusively available to this Minecraft Circle Generator tool. To make a concentric circle chart, simply enable the CIC mode and enter the dimensions of the smaller circle or ellipse.
  6. Download the Generated Minecraft Circle Chart: If you want to save the just-generated circle chart on your device, you may download its PNG or SVG versions for future reference.

Make a Large Circle in MC Circle Generator

Making a large circle with this Pixel Circle Generator tool is possible. However, I recommend you not exceed 500x500 dimensions (width x height) to avoid a possible laggy experience. Basically, this tool uses algorithms and complex computations, requiring extensive computing capability in a computer system.

Therefore, depending on your computer system, this Pixel circle generator may become slower, laggy, or freeze if you go beyond the 500x500 dimension. That being said, usually, there's no need for such a gigantic circle in Minecraft. However, if you can compromise with the varieties of features of my tool for a faster experience for a giant circle, you may try Donat Studio's Pixel Circle Generator. That said, if you are not making a giant circle, my tool is more than enough, I believe. Please let me know if I need to improve it in any way.

Formula for Making a Circle in Minecraft

In Minecraft, circles can be made using a mathematical formula. The formula used for plotting the points of a circle on a grid involves the use of the Pythagorean theorem and coordinates.

To create a circle of a specific radius, we use the equation of a circle: x2 + y2 = r2, where r is the radius of the circle.

In the sandbox game, this formula can be used to work with discrete points. For every block on the grid, we check if the block's coordinates satisfy the equation (inequality) x2 + y2 <= r2, ensuring that it lies within the circular boundary.

We iterate through the grid, inputting each block's coordinates into the formula. If the equation holds true for a block, it falls within the circle.

By systematically applying this formula to each block within a specified radius, we can create accurate circular shapes in the Minecraft world.

What's the problem here? Well, the calculation becomes too complex for even a medium-sized circle, which, of course, you as a Minecraft player won't like much. Here comes the role of such an awesome pixel circle generator. The tool works on the same formula; however, it uses several algorithms to directly serve you with the final circle at once.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback for this Pixel Circle Generator app via this Google Form. It will help me improve the app and serve you better :)

Developed by Sanjiv Jaiswal

I'm a programmer and gaming enthusiast. Love to solve problems with my code. Hope you found this tool useful!

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